Gemstone Bracelet Collection


Fiore di Loto selects the finest semi precious stones and minerals from around the world, hand picking on site the most powerful gemstones to create our collection of Energy Bracelets.

We believe each stone has particular features and energies which can be matched to your individual needs, desires and character traits, to your star sign or to reallign or empower any of your 7 chakras. For this reason all our Energy stone collections are studied and created following research and findings from Crystal Therapy.

The Energy Bracelet collection is made entirely by hand by the Fiore di Loto team. Being a limited edition, on occasion some products may not always be available. However, with production time of one week to 10 days we can make to order the quantities and models requested. We may not have the same semi precious stones available all year round and thus some models may vary slightly from the photo shown in the website categories. We will inform customers of any substantial changes in design to any of the products listed.

We only use high quality materials, certified elastic, hiding the knot inside a spacer or stone bead and using high grade cement craft glue to ensure its durability. 

Each bracelets comes with its own descriptive card that outlines the stones used and their properties.

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