Taking care of your FIORE DI LOTO jewellery

Tips for keeping your Fiore di Loto Jewellery in pristine condition!

All our Jewellery is tested and guaranteed to be Nickel Free. Completely Hypoallergenic.
All the metal findings are either stainless steel, 925 silver or Zamak (an alloy compound of Zinc, Alluminium, Magnesium and Copper), which is then Rhodium plated to avoid discolouring and tarnishing.

This said, each jewellery item needs to be taken care of and cleaned correctly. We recomment avoiding water, soaps, perfumes and cosmetic products with an acidic pH value.
To keep the metal parts shiny and bright we advise cleaning with a cotton cloth and specific polish. These can be easily found in most supermarkets.
We also advise not to wear our jewellery items while doing intense sporting activities and sweating heavily.

Should you not wear your Fiore di Loto jewellery for a while, to keep its original gleam and splendour, we suggest keeping it far from heat source, wrapped in a cotton cloth, a sealed bag or in a jewellery box.